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FlyFit Aerial Method Classes

Black girl in aerial hammock with weights

Aerial Dance Fit

Aerial Dance fit is fusion of the Aerial hammock, weight training, Pilates, and deep stretches with aerial poses infused all in one. This fusion of Aerial Dance Fit training is unique to give you a total body workout as well as strengthen your upper body, increase flexibility, and prep students for more advanced aerial dance. This class is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned participants to continue strength and flexibility building and conditioning

Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Aerial Yoga

 Aerial Yoga is a great way to tune into the body and mind while suspended. Integrating Yoga with the aerial hammock has been known to decrease stress, improve sleep, detox the body, and create pleasant moods. Also great for decompressing your spine. Sessions are in small groups of four. All levels are welcomed!

Aerial Arts Fitness

Aerial Fit HIIT

Aerial Fit HIIT is for our frequent FlyFit fliers that want to get a sweat dripping workout that incorporates the Aerial Hammock. While using various pieces of equipment, this class has a great mixture of cardio, plyometrics, and body toning all in one. Experience required, please see instructor for approval.

Pretty girl inverted in hammock

Aerial Hammock Dance Flow

 Aerial Hammock Dance Flow is the classic movement of aerial arts! With this style, you combine worlds of strength and rhythm to hold beautiful poses, learn tricks, transitions, and all while suspended in the air! Experience required, please see instructor for approval

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