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FlyFit Aerial Method

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Our Mission

FlyFit Aerial Method 

The FlyFit Aerial Method™ is dedicated to making Aerial Arts accessible and user friendly to any body that has a body through the use of different techniques, exercises, stretches, and modalities that condition the body to fly mentally, and physically.

What We Have To Offer.

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life!

We offer a range of styles of aerial fitness at our welcoming studio, so you’re sure to find one to suits you. Our most popular classes are Aerial Dance Fit and Aerial Dance Flow classes, which will have you moving around in a fluid sequence. We also offer calmer styles as well such as aerial yoga, where postures are held for an extended period of time. Each method has different benefits, from relaxation to strength training— why not try them all!

Following our hybrid methods that combine aerial arts conditioning with reformer exercises (coming soon), we offer a monthly class training package. Book now for your monthly membership access.

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Anca V.

"I love Lenise She's one of the best instructors I've met so far. She lights up the room with her energetic spirit. She's a great motivator and pushes you to do your best. She's very educated in what she's teaching and I would recommend her to anyone. She is very funny while still remaining professional. It's always a great pleasure to take her classes."

"The best!! Lenise's classes are fun and challenging. Her positive mindset is contagious. I leave her class smiling and stronger than when I walked in the door & I love it."

"Taking aerial classes with Lenise made me a stronger, more flexible and even more confident woman! She will encourage you to never give up and become the most beautiful aerialist you can be inside and out! TAKE HER CLASS and learn to fly"

"Lenise is Ahhhh-mazing! Her knowledge and dedication to her craft are so inspiring and appreciated. She is patient and thorough in her instruction and super motivating. She's the perfect instructor for anyone wanting to master the fundamentals and excel in the air. Plus she has a super sweet spirit and is so supportive. I cannot recommend her enough!!!"

Giselle R.

Flexy Fit

Aurora R.

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Aerial Dance Instructor

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"Live, Love, and Stay Fly"

-FlyFit Aerial Method Team

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